About Mucho Take It Easy

Mucho Take It Easy is a group of travelers dedicated to seeing the world through the eyes of the locals. We give back to the community wherever we go, whenever we can. We fish, we surf, we explore, we camp, we party, we make new friends but above all, we Mucho Take it Easy.

Although our travels generally take us to all the large and small communities of the beautiful Baja Peninsula, we also travel all over the world. The Baja has always been in our hearts because of the proximity to where we have grown up here in Southern California. The friends we have made traveling have turned into family and make us feel welcome wherever we end up.

The products we sell are made knowing that all who wear them will be ambassadors for Mucho Take it Easy and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Traveling is about immersing yourself. We encourage all who wear our products to respect all the people and places that they encounter. We are not just believers of the “leave no trace” campaign, we believe that people should leave the places they go cleaner than when they arrived. Simple things like picking up more trash than just your own or bringing extra trash bags to hand out to others make a big difference. Leave the local community with great memories and the want to have you and more travelers like yourself return. Leave knowing that you helped support these communities large and small alike. The great thing about doing these things is the fulfillment you will gain all while having a blast doing new, unique and different things.  We have been living this lifestyle for many years and the products we sell help to give back to the small communities in Baja.

We also accept donations of clothing and perishable goods to give to schools and orphanages in Baja.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our cause or ways that you can help.

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