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 Headed out to get lost in Baja for a while in search of Surf, Fish and whatever else may come our direction.

With everyone loaded up we crossed the border with dreams of taco's and desolate beaches



To find the ultimate spots you have to be ready and prepared to take on anything.




We ended up somewhere on the Pacific coast and ran into this family stranded on the beach. They had sailed from the States only to aground with no one around for 50 miles. We gave them as much as we could and offered to help get them back on their journey south. They didn't seem to be in any hurry, why hurry to leave such a beautiful place I guess. 

After giving and helping where we could we continued on the search for surf. Days went by and the waves only got smaller until the Pacific was flat as a lake. So we made do. Surfboard? Check. Rope? Check. 4X4? Check.

If the surf doesn't show up we make our own.

 After a long day of fun and games we started fishing.

 Calico was abundant

 Halibut, Perch, Clams and Mussel's were just as easy to find.

Our dinners weren't lacking. We had come prepared for anything.

We continued on some went North and some South.

 The North crew didn't have so much luck.

Although prepared it took a lot of work getting the Jeep un-stuck.

South crew headed to Bahia de los Angeles

Out on the boat the fishing were biting hard. Not too much size but plenty to eat that night.


Beach fishing was on fire. You couldn't cast without getting bit.



We had our fill of fishing and headed out to look for Whale Sharks

Couldn't ask for a better mission.



Traveling is full of adventure. Go find one!


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